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Funeral Home Name Date of Birth Date of Death City State
Miller Funeral Home Anna Lee 07/31/1924 12/04/2020 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Lowell McFarland 10/29/1931 12/04/2020 Sioux Falls SD
Furness Funeral Home 29th Annual Christmas Service of Remembrance 01/01/1970 12/03/2020
George Boom Funeral Home Evert Mennenga 09/12/1926 12/03/2020 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Harlan Dutch Stevens 07/02/1926 12/03/2020 Rapid City SD
Will Funeral Chapel Ruby Mathis 12/10/1927 12/03/2020 Sioux Falls SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Anna Strom 10/09/1929 12/02/2020 Brookings SD
Miller Funeral Home Tammy Essem 10/12/1963 12/02/2020 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Joan Meade 06/19/1947 12/02/2020 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Marlene Hoffman 04/05/1937 12/02/2020 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Calvin Honeycutt 06/01/1933 12/02/2020 Brandon SD
Welter Funeral Home Leonard Vellek 05/12/1933 12/02/2020 Hot Springs SD
Kirk Funeral Home Douglas Murray 01/29/1942 12/02/2020 Rapid City SD
Geise Funeral Home Margaret Dickerson 11/13/1938 12/02/2020 Estelline SD
Geise Funeral Home Ralph Schwartz 08/19/1929 12/02/2020 Estelline SD
Rudes Funeral home Julie Maurine Reed 12/15/1960 12/02/2020 Brookings SD
Will Funeral Chapel Roger Garness 09/17/1932 12/02/2020 Mitchell SD
Miller Funeral Home Thomas Johnson 05/30/1947 12/02/2020 Sioux Falls SD
Geise Funeral Home Hope Clark 01/25/1941 12/02/2020 Lake Norden SD
Black Hills Funeral Home & Cremation Services Paula Dittman 08/17/1929 12/02/2020 Spearfish SD
Kirk Funeral Home Stephanie Rhodes 09/22/1982 12/02/2020
Miller Funeral Home Clarice Wixon 03/21/1941 12/02/2020
George Boom Funeral Home Rev. Donald Greenough 04/16/1926 12/01/2020 Sioux Falls SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Florence Schoon 01/03/1946 12/01/2020 Brookings SD
Kirk Funeral Home Doris Andrews 01/04/1937 12/01/2020
Wass Funeral Home Jerald Fray 08/22/1939 12/01/2020 Beresford SD
Miller Funeral Home Jerome Hunter 06/01/1939 12/01/2020 Flandreau SD
Geise Funeral Home Mary Lane 03/22/1926 12/01/2020 Overland Park KS
Kirk Funeral Home Arlene Robinson 03/08/1937 12/01/2020
Furness Funeral Home Violet Mundhenke 07/12/1923 11/30/2020 Watertown SD