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Funeral Home Name Date of Birth Date of Death City State
Eidsness Funeral Home Ruth Hartley 01/12/1952 12/02/2022 Brookings SD
Rudes Funeral home Pauline Earley 10/14/1933 12/02/2022 Brookings SD
George Boom Funeral Home Jackie Dammer 07/11/1936 12/01/2022 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Patricia Pat Roser 09/22/1947 12/01/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Wass Funeral Home Marjorie Hansen 03/01/1935 11/30/2022 Beresford SD
Miller Funeral Home Harlyn Bauer 12/07/1934 11/29/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Will Funeral Chapel James Horstman 12/13/1943 11/29/2022 Mitchell SD
Miller Funeral Home Joyce Harris 09/13/1941 11/28/2022
Welter Funeral Home Darwin Christman 01/31/1955 11/28/2022 Lake Norden SD
Clausen Funeral Home Brian Snyder 05/26/1975 11/28/2022 Burke SD
Will Funeral Chapel Charles Walz 12/19/1942 11/28/2022 Mitchell SD
Will Funeral Chapel Dr. John Wingfield 04/10/1938 11/28/2022
Miller Funeral Home Marcia Alexander 07/30/1938 11/28/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Derek Johnson 09/19/1982 11/28/2022 Rapid City SD
Kirk Funeral Home Larry Mamula 04/28/1959 11/28/2022 Rapid City SD
George Boom Funeral Home Brigitte Fowlds 09/10/1948 11/27/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Clausen Funeral Home Robert Tietgen 04/30/1930 11/27/2022 Burke SD
Kirk Funeral Home James Jim Lundin 11/08/1939 11/27/2022 Piedmont SD
Kirk Funeral Home Waneta Ragels 12/01/1938 11/27/2022 Rapid City SD
Miller Funeral Home Kevin Boxdorfer 05/25/1954 11/27/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Andrea Meyer 02/08/2001 11/27/2022
Mason Funeral Home Marvelle Baker Eagle Star 08/11/1973 11/27/2022
Miller Funeral Home Bishop Paul Swain 01/01/1970 11/26/2022
George Boom Funeral Home Jean Dvoracek 02/18/1935 11/26/2022 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Kenneth Friesen 02/27/1935 11/25/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Gloria Norgaard 07/03/1944 11/25/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Adilynn Barloon 05/22/2013 11/25/2022 Rapid City SD
Furness Funeral Home Tony Schmitt 11/07/1964 11/25/2022 Sioux Falls SD
Black Hills Funeral Home & Cremation Services Michael Didier 06/09/1938 11/25/2022 Hot Springs SD
Will Funeral Chapel Rose Wagner 11/18/1929 11/24/2022